Arí Maniel Cruz

His career started in Puerto Rican public television (channels 6 and 3 in WIPR), as a screenwriter for the sitcom Micasa. com (2002) and continued as a field producer in the show En la Punta de la Lengua (2002). He then created other dramatic projects like the miniseries Barrios (2004), El brindis del bohemio (TV movie, 2006) and El Enigma de Mariano Faría (docu-drama, 2007). In 2007 he arrived in NYC where he worked as a presenter and producer for VME television network in the sports, music, and films section. In NYC, he wrote the off-Broadway play La Barbería (2011) and directed and produced the film Under My Nails (2016), which received several international awards and was presented in festivals in America and Europe. Back in Puerto Rico, he directed the critically acclaimed film Antes que cante el gallo (2016), recognized as an important piece of Puerto Rican film history. He wrote and directed his film ¿Quién eres tú? in 2017 and one year later in 2018 he made his Netflix debut with the show, “El Ganador”, in which he participated as showrunner, writer, and co-director. His most recent project is the Especial Musical del Banco Popular, Más de un Siglo which premiered on Puerto Rican television last December.

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